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ModernBeast: Great Products, Great Cause!

February 12, 2018

Hey readers!

So this week, I’m featuring the cat products of ModernBeast. I really like them because 100% of their profits this month goes towards NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles) which is a subset of, one of my favorite rescue organizations. I visited their main sanctuary in Kanab, Utah last year, and it was an amazing animal refuge amidst a sea of rose-colored rock formations.

While I was there, I chatted with some of their volunteers. They were extremely kind and dedicated; it takes a special kind of someone to be a volunteer and a special type of organization to attract those types of people who willingly give up their time to a social cause they believe in. These wonderful volunteers provide love and affection towards thousands of animals who otherwise would be tossed aside. If you’re ever in the area visiting Utah’s great natural landmarks, this animal sanctuary is definitely worth the trip. I love what they stand for and I am hopeful that we can #savethemall if we care enough.

So, back to ModernBeast, I found them after I stumbled upon their pop-up shop located in the Century City Mall. I’m a sucker for any boutique store, let alone one that has tasteful and unique cat and dog products. Now, ModernBeast is mainly a dog product store, but I did find a handful of cat-centric items and some things that were interchangeable between species including a couple of handsome bandanas in really cool prints. I also came across a few great cat toys with organic catnip in a variety of shapes (including a fortune cookie) that I ended up purchasing.

Lando and Kingsley ended up LOVING their organic catnip. I don’t know what kind of “kitty crack” they stick in there, but it drove my cats bonkers and they couldn’t get enough of it.  I brought out the fortune cookie toy the day after I purchased it and for the next hour, those two were going back and forth batting and chasing it around. It was like a fast forwarded game of cat soccer intermixed with aggressive bouts of bunny kicking the toy as it’s wrapped between their front paws. Cats are so strange, aren’t they?

Overall, the ModernBeast products are of a good quality. I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks, so I can’t say much about the durability, but they don’t accumulate too much lint/fur on them, and they did serve their purpose at least initially, so I’d say it’s a win. The cats still play with them on occasion, but it’s definitely not as often as when I initially brought them out. They lose interest in toys quite quickly overall, but at least with these, their interest lasts for quite some time before it wains.

The main downside to these products is the price. It’s a bit more expensive compared to your average cat product. However, they are well designed, particularly the bandanas, and the organic catnip they use seems to be more effective than others I have purchased. I support their products for their functionality and aesthetics, but also because I’m genuinely a fan of NKLA/BestFriends. I’ve met a lot of cats/kittens who have been adopted through NKLA, and they do a great job taking care of them before releasing them to their adopted parents. 

If I’m going to spend money on yet another toy for my cat, at least I know that the money is going towards saving the life of another cat or dog.  In my heart of hearts, I believe every pet should be adopted into a loving home. Until that time comes, I’ll support organizations that make sure our little furry friends will have a temporary home that gives them as much love, care, and attention as possible.

I hope that you can do your part to contribute to the ever growing population of shelter/rescues out there by either donating to your local rescue organization (they need all the money and supplies they can get), volunteering with one, or adopting a pet from a rescue/shelter!

Overall: 4/5 Paws

Pros: Quality, Design, User-friendly, Catnip quality, Great cause

Cons: Price, Catnip efficacy

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Theresa Loo

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