My Mission

One of the many things I’ve gleaned from years of working with clients is that twenty or thirty minute appointments are never enough time and it’s unfair to expect owners to retain all of the information we give them. This is mainly why I wanted to provide a reliable resource owners can use to understand how they can best care for their feline friends. This website will be a learning experience and ever-evolving process and I would love nothing more than to grow and have long-lasting meaningful conversations with you. Please share your thoughts, questions, favorite cat memories with me. I’d love to hear them all! No matter where this site goes, my mission will always be the same.

Better living with your cat.


My road into veterinary medicine was quite circuitous.  I wish I had known what I wanted to do from the start, but I do think that when we finally find our passion/calling after “the road less traveled”, it makes the fruits of our labor so much sweeter.  I grew up in Silverlake (a fairly unknown subset of Los Angeles back in the day) with the thought that I would be a human physican as I grew up.  However, upon entering college, I became unsure and decided upon a more broad major of Economics, thinking that I would end up in finance or marketing.  However, it wasn’t until I started caring for my sister’s chihuahua, Stoli, who had heart failure, that I realized the depth of the human animal bond and how veterinarians play such a vital role in providing the tools and resources to deepen and nurture that relationship.   The year that I lost Stoli, I was accepted into the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine so you could imagine how bittersweet that year was.

During my time in veterinary school, I adopted two polydactyl (multiple toed) cats named Lando and Kingsley separately from one another from the local shelter.  Along with my husband, they remain the loves of my life. After four years in the “Icebox of the nation,” I returned home to pursue a competitive yearlong internship in small animal medicine and surgery at VCA West Los Angeles. Since then, I have worked in private practice with a particular interest in internal medicine and preventive medicine.  In the last two years, I currently work as a rotating relief veterinarian throughout the Los Angeles Area, helping owners understand the needs of their furry friends and maintaining the human animal bond through compassion and quality of care medicine.

Yelp Reviews

“Dr. Loo is fantastic.  She treated our dog like it was her own.  When our dog became chronically ill, she laid out a range of options and courses of action we could take.  Thanks to her instinct we were able to diagnose our dog’s chronic illness quickly, and get her on the appropriate meds and therapies to bring her back to health. Previously we utilized another vet clinic chain in Glendale (the one that starts with B) and found the experience terrible.  We plan on sticking with VCA Arden, or wherever we can continue to utilize Dr. Loo’s care.” – Dennis A.

“I just went through a somewhat traumatic experience where the biggest Great Dane (superlatives much?) ever attacked my sweet and harmless 40lb wheaten terrier. Theresa Loo could not have been more caring and tender to us in our time of need. Truth be told I think I was more shaken up than Hampton. I mean can you imagine a giant horse of a dog picking up your best friend and shaking him around like a rag doll? Theresa just gets it. She immediately made us feel at ease as she attended to Hammy’s puncture wounds. I thought I’d be in for a ridiculous bill and would have to chase down the Great Dane’s owner to pay up. Not the case here. More than the financial part of this. I feel like Theresa (though I hardly really know her) could be a great friend and that’s exactly what I want in a vet. ” – Noam R.

“Dr. Theresa Loo had been treating my kitty for weight loss — it took us some time to diagnose the issue, mostly because I couldn’t afford to do biopsies and imaging to check for GI lymphoma, so the diagnosis of cancer came after some trial and error treatment and after additional symptoms appeared.  Dr. Loo was more than willing to recommend treatment that I could afford; that was still compassionate and kind to my sweet kitty of 13 years.  She worked with me on finding ways to improve his quality of life and gently guided me towards end-of-life decisions that were painful to face but inevitable.  When my kitty had a sudden and rapid decline, it became obvious that the time had come to put him down.  Theresa, despite her very busy schedule, took the time that day to talk to me about the best steps forward.  Her staff were also able to recommend some resources for in-home euthanasia, an option I hadn’t yet considered.  Through the months of treatment, all the way up to the last moment, Dr. Loo and the staff were accessible, helpful, generous and BEYOND kind and supportive during a very difficult time.” – Beth T.

“Of special significance to me, Dr. Theresa Loo is not only a phenomenal vet, but also a caring human being who takes the time to talk to me at length about all of my Xander-related fears. Just now, at the end of her work day going into a holiday weekend, she gave me a ring because I left a message. She’s awesome.” – Trish H.

“Dr. Theresa Loo saw my sick cat. After some tests we found out she had terminal cancer. My husband and I were heart broken when we decided we should have her put to sleep. She was my furry friend for almost 14 years and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Loo couldn’t have been more understanding of what we were going through…she was very thorough in her examination of my cat. She took the time to look at old pictures and understood our pain of loosing her. And to top it off I received a hand written, super wonderful card in the mail. I couldn’t believe she took the time to do that. You are amazing Dr. Loo!” – Jessica Y.