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Cat Behavior Medication

March 19, 2019

Dear Readers!

So you’ve been trying to figure out why your cat has been fighting with your other cat for weeks, maybe even months. Or maybe they’ve been peeing on your favorite rug for some time and now your home smells like a giant litter box. Before we think about re-homing, let’s consider behavioral modification with the help of a veterinary behaviorist and maybe even the assistance of pharmacological substances (aka “drugs”).  Let me just reiterate that veterinary behaviorists are underutilized by my clients.  Just as I think more people should seek therapists or psychiatrists for their own well-being, I also think many pets can really benefit from this undervalued service because they provide such useful long term tools to help your cat live a more fulfilled live. And if you have not seen a behaviorist’s discharge form, they’re 5 to 8 pages long because they include numerous pages of take-home techniques to help your cat be the best that they can be!