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CatCon 2018 & My Upcoming Picture Book!

July 31, 2018

Hey readers!

I just want to let you know I’ll be at CatCon 2018 this coming weekend (Aug 4&5) at the Pasadena Convention Center promoting Cat Therapy and my upcoming picture book, “Perfect”! I’ll be at Booth #518 and I’d love to meet you in person. My team and I have been hard at work designing our booth and I’m excited to share what we’ve cooked up with you! Also, you can use the code “EXHIBITOR” at checkout for a discount on your tickets.

I’ve mentioned on the website before that I’ve been writing a children’s picture book. A few of you have asked me about it so I wanted to take this opportunity to share the genesis of the project. The idea for “Perfect” came to me as I was thinking about all the animals at shelters and rescues that needed homes. As a veterinarian, I treat many recently adopted cats and dogs. It warms my heart that kind and generous people have opened up their homes to these wonderful animals. However, I can’t help but think of the ones that have been left behind. I’ve noticed that those animals tended to be older or not as physically “cute” or “attractive “ as the puppies or kittens. 

On a broader level, it made me think about how often our preconceived biases and arbitrary standards of perfection or desirability influence our behavior. My main character, Scruff, is an old cat at a shelter who longs for a home. As first he’s rejected by visitors because of his age, weight and the scar on his nose but then a little girl named Parker adopts and loves him for those exact same reasons. In the end, Scruff is accepted for all the reasons he was rejected in the past. 

My hope is that “Perfect” will inspire people to look beyond appearances and see that every animal has value and deserves a home filled with love. I’m partnering with creative agency, Magnus Rex, to bring this project to life. They’ve worked with Disney, Amazon and The History Channel on large scale projects and I’m excited to see what we can create together. We’re working with a wonderful young artist named Amanda Jane Sharpe from Walt Disney Imagineering to illustrate “Perfect”. You can see some of her beautiful pre-production artwork at the bottom of this post. This is her first picture book and I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the future!

If you feel like this is a project you’d like to support, you can sign up in the “Stay In Touch” subscription box on the website and we’ll let you know when our Kickstarter launches in April 2019. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Thanks for your support and I hope to see you at CatCon this year!


Dr. Theresa Loo

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