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Non-Anesthetic Dentals vs Dentals Under General Anesthesia

November 15, 2018

Dear Readers!

I’m sure everyone can agree that going under anesthesia can be very daunting, particularly when it involves your furry little friend. Any anesthetic procedure carries inherent risk, which is why we perform blood work and take chest x-rays (if there’s an underlying heart murmur) prior to the dental to make sure that your kitty is the best anesthetic candidate. To alleviate owners’ fears of general anesthesia, non-anesthetic dentals have becoming increasingly popular. These companies thrive on telling owners what they want to hear, which is that you don’t need to put your pet under general anesthesia to fully clean their teeth. Having overseen a number of non-anesthetic dental procedures in clinics in the past, I can (with good authority) tell you that these cleanings can actually mask disease and prevent a much needed dental cleaning that your pet needs, not to mention they also carry inherent risk themselves.